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Don’t treat your clients like they were all the same.

It’s time to get personal.


Louie7AI is personalizing the digital experience and reinventing the Human-centric approach.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, behavioral psychology, and statistics, Louie7 generates customized personality insights.
Louie7’s unique psychology AI-driven engine provides human behavior prediction, enabling creation of the missing 4th dimension – the end user’s personality in the digital space.

Louie7’s algorithm empowers marketing teams, designers, and content creators with the ability to understand customers and their personal goals.

Louie7 is adding the human dimension to current analytics, leveraging your business activity to achieve your KPI’s.

Analyzing new datasets by maintaining the highest level of customer privacy to predict customer behavior and recommend how to best customize your user’s digital experience.

How does it work?

Meet Ginny

35 years old female engineer
From Tel Aviv
Likes yoga and parties
Likes black and yellow

Meet Georgia

35 years old female engineer
From Tel Aviv
Likes yoga and parties
Likes black and yellow

Both are interested in a pair of Black shoes

In a physical store – the salesperson will rely on his “intuition” to approach the customer and convey right the message to each one of them in order to guide them towards a purchase

And what happens in the Digital space store?

According to the facts and their preferences, Ginny and Georgia are categorized the same.

Based on the KYC, the service providers treat both the same way!

Same message, same coupon, same offer, same graphics, same timing….

One size fits All

But Ginny and Georgia are different!


  • You could add human intuition to the digital space
  • Your digital sells agents were familiar with their target market
  • You’d be able to better understand your customers’ needs
  • You could adopt content in a far better and more personalized way
  • You could improve the digital user experience
  • You could better target your marketing campaigns

Think it’s out of reach?

How does it work for you?

With simple integration, Louie7’s engine begins to work, generating predictions and recommendations to improve the customer’s digital experience and increase your digital business KPI’s.

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